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I finally settled for less than the car was worth just get it over with. Live and learn.

Wish I had heard about \"Cerberus\" earlier. I would have checked it out.

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Police report stated that their driver turned into oncoming traffic in front of my car. Totaled it.

My insurance company told Dairyland their driver was 100% at fault and denied all claims. They didn't fight it, but when I tried to get money for damages (I didn't carry collision, so it was up to me to pursue it) they insisted that I admit 60% fault before they would even discuss money. After weeks of this I told them I was going to court, so they made an offer --much less than the car was worth, but I was in desperate need of transportation and just wanted to get it done with-- after I accepted that, they called back and said they wouldn't honor that offer and made a lower one. Stupidly I accepted it (desperate).

They finally sent me a check ( a week later than they said they would) for more that $500 LESS than what they had agreed to in writing! I'm renting a car and taking them to court for the entire cost of the car plus the rental and all the extra driving I had to do to get my family to work this summer. My advice is DON'T BE NICE.

Sue them immediately and you might get something. DON'T expect them to give you anything without a fight.

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I am in the process of suing Dairyland for a client in very similar circumstances. If you would be willing to provide a statement with regard to your experience, please contact me.


Don't sue them. You are going to burn through all of the money you collect in court and lawyer fees.

I had a similar situation to yours. Dairyland said I was 30 percent at fault when their driver ran a red light and pulled directly in front of me. They told me if I didn;t like the offer I could sue them. I did something better.

I found this company that does nothing but settle disputed insurance claims. They are called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals. They are out of Chicago but handle cases everywhere. They forced dairyland to pay the full claim.

Cerberus was willing to take my small claim, they charged less than an attorney, and they were able to resolve it way faster than a year long legal battle. I would recommend them to anyone getting the run around out there.

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