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I am contacting you regarding an accident that took place on May 5, 2013. I was stopped in bumper to bumper traffic on I-95 North near exit 43 around 4 Pm when I was rear ended by your insured Michael Cooney (43 of Bridgeport , CT). According to the police report Michael Cooney was driving a motorcycle alongside a group of other motor cycles weaving in and out of traffic at and excess of 100 mph when he went into a power slide (approximately 500 or so feet) into the back of my vehicle, a 2013 Jeep Patriot. Unfortunately, due to his high rate of speed and the fact that he was not wearing a helmet, Michael did not survive the accident. The accident also resulted in the totaling of my vehicle.

Obviously, as you can imagine this was quite the traumatic experience. Both my girlfriend, a passenger in the vehicle, struggled sleeping for weeks. I went to my doctor to receive anti-anxiety medicine to help me sleep and deal with the trauma resulting from the accident. I also sought therapy and counseling. I was afraid to drive and didn’t for months and still have anxiety when driving on the highway. Sadly, the incident still lives with me today and will continue for the rest of my life.

The reason I am contacting you is through no fault of my own, I have to deal with this incident for the rest of my life. This incident has not only caused me great mental pain (as noted above) but also financial heartache (I will discuss later on) as well. I was obeying the traffic laws when your recklessly insured driver who was not obeying traffic laws rear ended me and caused all these problems.

My vehicle, a 2013 Jeep Patriot, had on 3,000 miles on it and had yet to make it to its first oil change when it was deemed totaled. I put $10,000 down to purchase that car and when I settled with my insurance company (note: since I was not at fault I should be settling with you, more on this later). I was left with slightly less than $6,500 to purchase a new vehicle. As an accounting major, I understand the normal wear and tear (Depreciation) of the vehicle but it hardly seems fair that after 3,000 miles I would have $3,500 less to purchase a new vehicle ($1.17 a mile really your average car wouldn’t make it through the year on that type of depreciation scale).

It has now been over 4 months since the accident and even though the police report states your insured is 100% at fault your company has yet to accept responsibility for the accident. Your adjusters, primarily Kim Fox, continue to give weak and quite frankly unintelligent excuses such as “we have not obtained a copy of the police report.” The police report has been available for 2.5 months now, its 2013 and that excuse wouldn’t have worked in 1983 when information wasn’t so readily available. I mean you could have walked from your office in Iowa to the police head quarters and back in that amount of time.

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Dairyland insurance is run by a bunch of CROOKS ....i don't know why they are still in business .....i am in the process of filling a lawsuit agains these crooks for not paying for an accident that one of their clients caused..........


I agree that it taking them 2.5 months to get a report is a bunch of BS. They can be ordered normally about 3-10 days after an incident.

Some times you need to be proactive yourself. You could just as easily pick up a copy and fax it into the adjuster or call your own insurance company and have them fax a copy over. This way that excuse won't be on the table. As for the loss of funds because of depreciation, this is a common occurrence and the insurance company would only owe you what the vehicle is currently worth.

Vehicles depreciate considerably as soon as you drive them off the lot.

A way to protect against this in the future is make sure your collision policy has coverage to replace your vehicle with a brand new car. MetLife offers this through their auto policies for the first year or so many miles.

to Claims Rep #1058342

Better yet, just contact a lawyer and have them sue the insurance company. Problem solved.


I got rear ended by a motorcyclist here in TX covered by Dairyland and they will not call me back and just keep sending letters stating they haven't received anything from my insurance's subrogation department. $8,000+ in damages and they wouldn't call my car totaled and still haven't gotten any of my out of pocket expenses paid nor has my insurance company been reimbursed. What a joke.


I would get a lawyer man, You need to be reimbursed more more than the value of that car

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