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My parked motorcycle fell over on to another parked vehicle. Damage to the motorcycle was limited to a broken windshield. The PT Cruiser that it fell against sustained a large dent in the drivers side fender, that also pinched the driver side door, preventing it from being able to open.

I called to report the claim. Jessica Parr from their Dairyland office called me back one week later to explain that my policy had cancelled on 12/09/2010 for nonpayment. I explained to her that was not possible. Motorcycles are considered seasonal vehicles by Dairyland in the state of Maine. They refuse to sell policies for terms less than a full year and payable in full at the time of purchase. I paid the full amount (approximately $113.00) on 07/02/2009, for coverage through 07/02/2010. She stated that it would require further investigation. She called me a few days later to state that the policy had been cancelled because I failed to return requested documents. I explained to her that I had received a request to send them a copy of my registration, as there was some issue with the VIN that I provided at the time that I purchased the coverage. I also assured her that I did in fact send the requested registration copy on the same day that I had received their request. She stated that all she could tell me was what their system stated and that based on that the claim would be denied. I told her that this was unacceptable and that I wanted to escalate the matter to her manager. She explained that she had no manager to escalate to, and that if I disagreed with her decision then my only recourse was to call Customer Service. I asked her for a specific name to escalate this to. She told me that the only information that she could give me was an 800 number for their Customer Service dept. After calling Customer Service, the representative went back to their original false statement, that my policy had cancelled in December for nonpayment. I explained their policy for "seasonal vehicles" and how not paying in full for the entire year had not even been an option. She then told me that I had requested some type of change in coverage that after initially purchasing the policy, which then increased the price, thus resulting in the premium change and resulting cancellation for nonpayment. I explained that I had not contacted them in any way other than to send in the requested copy of my registration' I had not requested or authorized any changes to my policy. She then placed me on hold to consult her supervisor. When she returned, she stated that this matter would need to be escalated to their Resolution manager. She was in their office, but away from her desk. She then put me through to "Melisa's" voice mail. I left Melisa a detailed voice mail, explaining what had happened. I also explained how disappointed I was that no one from their company was expressing any ownership of this issue and making any attempt at a successful resolution. I informed her that I sincerely hoped that she would accept ownership and that I looked forward to her returning my call. I also informed her that I knew about the Maine State Bureau of Insurance and would escalate this claim to your office if they were unwilling to provide the coverage that I paid for in full, in good faith. She has still not bothered to as much as return my call. Today (06/01/2010) I received a certified letter from Jessica Parr (the Claims Representative from their Davenport, Iowa office) officially denying my claim, stating that my policy was not active at the date of my loss.

I believe that it is also important to tell you that there was no phone number on my insurance ID card to report a claim. As a result I did a search for Dairyland Motorcycle insurance claims on the Google search engine (please, by all means, try doing this search yourself). The first 7 hits that I got on my search were blog entries from consumers like myself, with the underlying message that Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance does not pay claims. I finally found the phone number to submit a claim on the 8th hit from that search. I implore you to please investigate this matter further. I do not believe that my experience is an isolated incident. The company is actively engaging in fraudulent activity. Fines, legal action, and perhaps even revocation of their license to practice in our state are appropriate.

If you need any further information, please contact me by phone or email. Thank you you for your consideration.

Almon W. Mitchell

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I currently have dairyland auto insurance for my car. In the state of NC you cannot even attempt to get a license without having insurance first.

So about 2 months before I try for my license I get insurance with them (I have my permit). It was only $47 a month for 6 months. Then in the 4th month I add my car with my license. It only goes up to $49 because I only wanted liability.

Well when it renews after the 6th month nothing happens. But another 6 months later they charge me $171 taking all my money I had. Leaving me with $3 in my bank account. I called and they said I was a new driver and they ran some report and saw I had my license.

I got very upset because when I added my car I added it with my license and they never said anything about it then. Anyways I will now be trying to cancel dairyland auto and going on my parents plan.

Hopefully nothing will pop up. And they better cancel it before charging me an arm and a leg


As an insurance adjuster I see these issues happen all the time. Regardless of if an additional payment was needed, You should have known your policy was canceled.

The company sends out warning letters prior to cancelation and they retain proof of mailing for each of these letters they send. I am guessing you ignored or disregarded this letter and let your policy lapse.

to Insurance Adjuster #727514

Not the way it happened at all. As I stated in my comment below, it's not possible to buy anything but a full years coverage in Maine for a bike and pay in advance.

My address never changed and never received any correspondence from them except a letter verifying the VIN.

Believe whatever you want but this is exactly how it happened. That is why I didn't hesitate to call the bureau of insurance; and why they eventually paid.


They make me sick don't trust them!! It's been over 3weeks can't get them to pay for my bike...they want to pick my bike up then pay what A joke no $$ no bike!!


You are wrong Chris. In the state of Maine (with our limited motorcycle season) the only way that you can purchase motorcycle insurance is by paying for the entire year in advance.

I have no idea where you got the idea that I didn't pay my bill. FYI as further vindication, these ***-sucking bottom feeders DID pay; but only after I filed a formal complaint with the bureau of insurance.

But thank you for your baseless accusation of not paying my bills. That type of mindset would likely make you a PERFECT agent to sell Dairyland.


I have never worked with Dairyland on anything, but as an agent I have worked with several carriers on almost every type of P&C business. After reading this story I find it unlikely that it occured as written.

Insurance companies are pretty tightly regulated by the states especially about documenting conversations, information collected, and most especially premiums. I think Butch didn't pay his bill on time thinking it would not be a big deal because of the layup provision.


Worst experience in my life on earth dealing with these people~! Dead last in JD Power survey for customer satisfaction and I would say my experience shows why. Good luck with anything short of a lawsuit.


Get an attorney. If they are doing something wrong and something big..... then you can get your claim covered and maybe even for PAIN AND SUFFERING.


I agree with you. I am having the same situation.

I am from NY and they are refusing to pay a claim of mine as well. I want to see if there is fraud going on here.

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