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On 1 August 2011 in San Antonio, TX a vehicle darted across the street and stopped suddenly in the path of my vehicle. I applied the brakes but was unable to stop in time and collided with that vehicle.

The police report cited the other driver (a 16 year old) for failure to yield the right of way and crossing a busy intersection. My vehicle was totaled. Dairyland denied my claim by producing a fake witness who was no where near the scene and stated my account was not credible. I am grateful that my insurance company provided me with support.

The Toyota dealership body repair manager stated he was aware of Dairyland's shady practices and warned that they would not honor their obligations.

Monetary Loss: $7450.

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I had a very similar issue. A dairyland carrier backed into my car while on the phone.

She admitted fault but, not report could be filed since it was a private lot. Now dairyland is saying since my horn was not sounded, even though my car was stopped, and put into reverse, that now I am also at fault. They also now have a mysterious witness just like in your case.

There were no witnesses that were at the scene. .


After Dairyland Insurance Company initially denied my claim stating my account of the accident in which my vehicle was totaled, the company finally admitted their client was at fault. My insurance carrier's subrogation department was able to obtain the amount paid me for the loss of my vehicle from Dairyland Insurance but as expected, Dairyland refunded only a portion of my $500 deductible. The use of highly questionable tactics by that company apparently keeps them in business.


After initially denying my claim in which my vehicle was totaled by a Dairyland Insurance Company client, the company contacted me offering to discuss "possible" liability by their client. An estimator was sent by Dairyland who told me my vehicle could be repaired at a cost of $5200.

I knew this was false as my vehicle sustained so much damage any attempted repair would be foolish.

The dealership body repair manager stated Dairyland Insurance only insures high risk drivers with extremely poor driving records and as such highly questionable tactics must be employed to keep the business intact. My recent involvement with them verified that statement.

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