truck turned left in front of me on my motorcycle was at fault and admitted he just did not see me.

Dairyland told me that they were only going to give me 70% of the value of my Harley because I should had gotten out of the way of the truck and that it is 30% my fault for being on the road that day.

Bottom line being honest just don't pay!!!!!

Just wanted my bike fixed and now its costing me because insurance is a scam.

P.S. when I get that new BMW and wrap it around a tree 2 days later guess who my insurance will be through. Thanks for the stick in the a$$ Dairylande

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Hatfield, Pennsylvania, United States #869488

If you would be willing to provide a statement I would appreciate it. We are suing Dairyland on very similar facts and would like to establish that they have made a policy or practice of this behavior.

If willing, please email me at mstraussesq@comcast.net. Thanks


I had a similar situation to yours. Dairyland said I was 30 percent at fault when their driver ran a red light and pulled directly in front of me.

They told me if I didn;t like the offer I could sue them. I did something better. I found this company that does nothing but settle disputed insurance claims. They are called Cerberus Subrogation Professionals.

They are out of Chicago but handle cases everywhere. They forced dairyland to pay the full claim. Cerberus was willing to take my small claim when attorneys wouldn't, they charged less than an attorney, and they were able to resolve it way faster than a year long legal battle.

I would recommend them to anyone getting the run around out there. There are ways to get justice without getting lawyers involved.


Ya, they're complete jerks....how they're allowed to stay in business is beyond me...seems like 70% is the going rate for claims...

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