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I live full time in a RV/Trailer and they refuse to give me the "Home Owner" Discount because I do not own any property. If you need to own property than it should be called "Property Owner" discount.

Misleading and a total rip off. I do not recommend this company at all... from the other reviews I have read I will be changing my motorcycle insurance to another place. My trailer is covered with a different insurance and they consider me a home owner because I live full time out of my trailer.

Why is Dairyland different? Why the discrimination? Small minded?

A home is a home... property or no property.

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But the original post says his next insurance co does treat it so.

And RV seems like "home" and "property" so maybe they should require "land" owner. I am seeing these posts because I'm having trials with their new policy on-boarding. Don't think its over when they issue you policy; you need to prove yourself to them after that.


Hi, coming from an insurance background (not dairyland!) I can tell you that it's because your RV has four wheels that they do not consider it a "home". You will find this across the home owner insurance industry.

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