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My monthly premium is paid via ETF (Electronic Funds Transfer) so it's taken right from my bank account every month by Dairyland. On December 10th I experienced an issue with my checking account that would likely result in the Dec. 11th ETF not being honored. As soon as I learned of it I called Dairyland and made arrangements to pay at my agents office on the 11th so that they would be paid on time and they said that would be fine. They could not stop the ETF transaction on such short notice so I figured I would have to eat any resulting OD Fee, and was fine with that.

8 days later (on the 18th), after I'd already paid my premium on the 11th, they did an ETF again to take the premium which resulted in my bank account being overdrawn - RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

I called them immediately to inform them of the error and ask them to return the funds. They said that they subcontract the ETF's to some other company and that I'd have to call them. They would not call their vendor for me (the customer). I called the other company, Certigy, and they said they received no instruction from Dairyland to stop the ETF so I would have to go back to Dairyland.

I called Dairyland back and after speaking to three different Dairyland agents through the course of two days they ended up putting in a "research order" to "research" my payment. Further they had ME fax to them proof that the payment was taken again on the 18th. I had to fax them my bank account info to show the payment - THEY would not call their own vendor to confirm that the vendor had taken the money.

Dairyland told me that they put in an "ignore payment" so that when they received my second premium from Certigy it would immediately be returned to my bank account.

It's now been 10 days since they took the second premium, and over 20 days since I originally paid the premium the first time, and they STILL HAVE NOT RETURNED MY MONEY OR EVEN CALLED ME BACK!!!

How dare they double dip?! I did everything in my power to ensure they didn't have to wait for their money. I pay them on time every month. Then they take a second payment and take their sweet time returning it to me. They showed no empathy no care whatsoever for the situation they put me in.

Lesson learned - never try to ensure they get paid again. I have never made a claim against them either - so it's not like I'm a bad customer.

I feel absolutely victimized.

Review about: Dairyland Insurance Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $186.

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